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Hello, I'm Craig, a passionate storyteller residing in East Islip, NY. From the moment I first held a video camera at age 10, crafting movies in my basement with friends, I knew capturing stories through film would be my lifelong pursuit.

Today, I find immense joy in documenting a diverse array of events—from weddings to traveling adventures—while maintaining the same enthusiasm for storytelling that ignited my journey. My approach to wedding videography is rooted in authenticity, aiming to encapsulate the true essence of marriage. 

I specialize in creating timeless wedding films that celebrate genuine moments, heartfelt emotions, and the unique connections between people. Each video is a blend of artistry and personal narrative, crafted to resonate with the essence of your special day.

Let's capture your love story together!


Giving Back

As a way to give back, I've committed myself to donating 5% of all purchase totals to a charity of your choice. Choose from over 20 charities or suggest one of your own!

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